Writing II

Grades 9th – 12th

Students are helped to gain confidence in their abilities as writers in several genres using the process utilized by published writers. The students write in the three major domains which are narrative, informative, and persuasive. The writing process is used in each type of writing as the students work from pre-writing through publishing. Grammar and language conventions are part of the process at every level. We will write a research paper using a guided process in order to learn form and concepts related to research. We will also spend some time throughout the year working with poets and poetry.

In Writing II, the students are challenged with longer assignments written at a grade-appropriate levels. Writing is important for academic competence and is a necessary life skill. This class supports these concepts and encourages students to see themselves as writers.

Vocabulary textbook TBA.

Grammar lessons will be taught in class. The grammar topics will be determined by the teacher and practice work will be assigned. Homework will be checked in class or by the teacher for grading.

Note: Second and third year writing students will be asked to stretch their writing skills beyond first year students and to assume leadership roles in response groups as they are able.

This class is worth 1 credit.

Required Texts

  • Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots, Level X

The book can be purchased from PrestwickHouse.com

Bonnie Bleiler

Writing Teacher


Learn more about the class directly from our students.

When I first entered Mrs. Bleiler’s class, I was suffering from past bad writing classes and was very unsure of what to expect. However, after the first two classes, I felt at home.
— Jason S.

My hands would often freeze at the keyboard, afraid to start a paper, but as the year progressed, I noticed I didn’t get such a pit in my stomach when faced with a paper.

I would encourage any fearful writer to join this class as they will get plenty of practice and experience.

— Audrey G.

Instead of hiding from my writing assignments, praying that my teacher will forget, I now rejoice at the thought of writing, and eagerly write word after word!
— Ethan H.

In this class, we’re able to write about almost any experience, feeling, moment, event or time in our lives and get the opportunity to share them in our small groups, which is a wonderful part of the class. It is simply impossible to not make friends in writing class.
— Eva H.

Mrs. Bleiler’s revisions on your papers are generally cut and dried, but not so much as to leave you without options. Again, she doesn’t want to tell you what your thoughts should be, rather how to focus them better.
— Aiden B.

Mrs. Bleiler’s comments and corrections were instructive, personal, and encouraging. When we wrote our research papers, Mrs. Bleiler took time during class to sit down with each of us and talk about our topics.
— Caroline C.