Speech & Debate

Grades 10th – 12th

The older children get, the more their world expands. What will these years ahead hold? Summer programs away from home? Jobs at a local fast food place? Dual enrollment classes? Life in a dorm room at a large university? These new and exciting opportunities give your student the chance to encounter people with differing ideas and opinions. In a country as polarized as ours’, discussions become arguments and arguments become fights and fights keep us from sharing God’s love and truth with a lost world. Our teens need to know how to respond to differences in others’ values and lifestyles in a thoughtful, respectful way. An essential basis for such discussion is learning the art of logic and debate.

Using the book Everyday Debate, the students will learn how to develop good arguments and identify fallacies. According to the author, the goal is “wise, winsome, and winning discussion and debate.” This class will teach students to:

  • Gather evidence
  • Develop arguments to support a proposition
  • Several common debate formats
  • Proper attitudes during a debate or discussion
  • Various skills needed to conduct a strong debate

Required Texts

  • Everyday Debate by Shelly Johnson

Amy Wheeler

Literature Teacher