PA History

Grades 7th – 9th

In Pennsylvania History students will be introduced to Native Pennsylvanians and William Penn. From there our study will expand to include the geography, people, history, economy, and government of our great state. In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac, each week students will work on building their own Pennsylvania Almanac as they study these topics. Students will also write a report on a famous Pennsylvanian and will participate in field trips to Pennsbury Manor (the home of William Penn), the State Capitol and the Pennsylvania State Museum in Harrisburg. I will endeavor to schedule field trips on Fridays and there will be an admission cost for Pennsbury Manor and the Pennsylvania State Museum. This course will meet for 30 weeks and will be worth 1 social studies credit.

Required Texts

  • TBA

Melissa Cassey

History Teacher