Mixed Media I & II

Note: Mixed Media I & II are two different classes; you may take either or both.

This class is designed to stretch the students beyond pencil and paper, building in them independence and self-challenge, while having fun that gives them a creative outlet amidst their academic rigors. Students are very much individually catered to, in order to stretch their current ability and to further understand proportion, line, light, varied mediums, shape and composition. We do jump around the topics below to keep the class varied and interesting for everyone.

Students will explore various mediums to create art of various types:

  • Quick sketching & realistic drawing projects
  • Pen & ink design with added color — Zentangles
  • Cartoon animation project
  • Graphic art
  • Charcoal on colored paper
  • Paint (watercolor & acrylic), several demonstrated techniques
  • Proportions of body, face or both (up to the class)
  • Collages of various media
  • Abstract along the lines of a famous modern artist
  • Polymer clay (optional to students, usually around Christmas for the purpose of gifts)
  • Color theory, mixing, carried through in projects of color

Graphic or realistic, we will be creating visuals on various papers, with various media. We’re never doing the same thing.

Grades: are given on preparedness, effort and improvement and execution as it pertains to following directions.

1st class: students should come with supplies and are to bring in two to three examples (photos or copies of originals) of art they like. This can also be shown on a tablet or laptop.

We will start with an open look at what everyone brings. We will examine what draws us to a particular artwork — whether chalk-street art, posters, painting, pencil drawings, markers, color, line, or emotion.


  • 11x14 mixed media pad
  • Newsprint pad (11x14 or larger, up to 18x24)
  • Various drawing pencils (HB, 2B & 4B also 6B + 8B or 9B)
  • Kneaded eraser
  • 1 white charcoal stick, or white opaque pencil
  • Mechanical pencil and/or empty pen
  • 12” ruler

Classes and projects change from year to year. Students in Art Skills I & II this past year will do different projects this year, in order to build their skills even more. Students who stick with me will increase their skills drastically, due to the techniques shown.


Class full

Email doreen@cecfranconia.com to be placed on a waiting list.

7th – 12th

0.5 per 15 week class

Course Length:
Art Skills I: Fall, 15 Weeks
September 5th – December 12th

Art Skills II: Spring, 15 Weeks
January 9th – April 24th

$175 per 15 week class

Jennifer Mills Smith