Human Anatomy & Physiology

Grades 10th – 12th

The textbook for Human Anatomy and Physiology is Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd Edition by Shannon and Yunis. The goal of the course is to give students a new understanding of the wonderful design and complexities of the human body. This course is for students in 10th grade and older and may be a good choice for those wanting a high school lab science without much math. In addition to usual science homework, there will be lab tests on dissections and microscope slides. The last module of the text which is on the human reproductive system will not be covered in class. Instead, there will be a discussion of microbiology and contagious disease. Students will have an assignment of researching and giving a presentation of an infectious disease. Students will also need a small set of colored pencils. This class is worth 1 credit.

Required Texts

  • Advanced Biology: The Human Body 2nd Edition by Shannon and Yunis
  • Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book – 4th, 5th, or 6th edition

Janet Dudek

Science Teacher