This course focuses on the financial concerns of the country, the business and the home. The free enterprise system will be explained and defended. We will study the laws of supply and demand, the circular flow of income and products, business competitions, unemployment, productivity, investments, and inflation. We will be covering a chapter per week; therefore, the textbook will be an essential part of each class, as well as weekly assignments. Grades will be based upon completion of homework, class participation, quizzes, and tests. There is no required paper in this class. There are extra credit opportunities which are optional.

11th – 12th


Course Length:
20 Weeks
November 7th – April 24th


Melissa Cassey

Economics (2nd edition) by BJU Press

NOTE: BJUPress is coming out with a new 3rd edition in July. We will NOT be using that. We are going to continue with the 2nd edition which this class used last time. You should be able to pick up a copy easily. Also, you only need the student text. You do not need the student activity book, teacher book or tests.