Digital Art

Grades 8th – 12th

  • 15 week course
  • September – December 2019
This course is to familiarize students with the world of digital art. Students should have access to the internet as home as well as a laptop with internet access in class.  

Digital programs come in two types, Raster (which is pixels), and Vector (which is point to point drawing). We will be doing projects based on the Vector system. Raster programs tend to be used to edit photography. Adobe Illustrator is the most popular vector program and is used in most industries, yet is too expensive for an introductory class. I use a free program with many of the same tools and functions as Adobe Illustrator. This allows any student wishing to go further to be able to transition easily into any other Vector based art program and have a few projects to tuck into a portfolio.

Several projects are completed, building skills as we go. Demos are done in class. Students are familiarized with Document properties, Imports, Copy & Pasting, Duplicating, Layers, Texts, Objects, Paths, Various Fills & Patterns, Framing, Outlines and various manipulations and tricks with all the aforementioned to create original graphics products. This builds the students skills gradually and seeks to affirm prior skills as second nature as they move through the course.

Students are emailed ahead of first class so they are set up with what to download and make sure their systems run the program.  We have had no problems with this course so far with a class of twenty. We had one girl who was using an old laptop and had to clean up her system a little due to too many games, photos, and videos that were making the program run slowly. It was easily resolved. The program cannot be executed on a phone or tablet. It is available for Windows or Mac. We also take one session to show how the computer has affected the multiples of industries. This class will be with 0.5 credits.

Required Materials

  • TBA

Jennifer Smith

Art Teacher