Ancient History II

Grades 9th – 12th

This course focuses on the formation of societies from the dawn of creation through the fall of the Roman Empire. We will study the ancient and classic civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, as well as the Byzantine and Islamic Empires. We will follow these histories from a Christian perspective using the Bible as a lens to explore God’s providence in the affairs of men.

While the Bible is used as an important resource for our study, please note that this IS NOT a Bible class. Grades will be based upon completion of homework, class participation, quizzes and tests. History II will also have more challenging writing projects, including a paper. In both classes, there will be optional opportunities to earn extra credit.

There will be a field trip to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology in the Spring.

Required Texts

    • The Book of Genesis in the Bible (any version)
    • Gilgamesh: A New Rendering in English Verse by David Ferry
    • The Odyssey of Homer, Richard Lattimore, Translator
    • Plutarch’s Lives volume 1, The Dryden Translation, Arthur Hugh Clough, editor
    • Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Roma Gill, editor

*If you are the parent of a 9th grader you may be wondering why they are eligible for both classes. The books for Ancient History II are rather advanced. I realize that not all 9th graders are up to that challenge. So, if your 9th grader struggles with reading, please sign them up for Ancient History I.

Melissa Cassey

History Teacher