Why should Christian homeschooled students attend classes?
  • Courses are taught from a Christian world view
  • Learning under an experienced, Christian teacher
  • Accountable to someone else besides Mom or Dad for school work
  • Improved time management skills
  • Making new friends
  • Learning with friends
  • Healthy competition
  • Improved communication skills
How do I contact the teachers?
You are welcome to ask questions to the teachers via email. Their email addresses are on the Teachers page.
Can I observe classes to see whether CEC is right for my student?
Yes, please contact Doreen McIlwraith at 267-820-8232 or doreen@cecfranconia.com to set up a day to visit CEC.
Does a parent need to stay on campus while their student is in class?
No, CEC is a drop-off program. However, parents are required to serve as a front door monitor for at least one class period out of the year.
Do I need to purchase the required texts, or are they included in the tuition price?
Yes. You will need to purchase all the books listed in the required texts section on the individual course description pages.
I have a 7th grader and I would like him to take General Science. Will you offer it?
We are offering General Science and Physical Science in a two year rotation. For the 2017-2018 school year we are offering Physical Science and the following year we will be offering General Science. These classes can be taken in any order.
I understand that the History courses are taught in chronological order in a 4-year cycle. How is it divided?
The history cycle is:
  • Year 1: Creation to the Fall of Rome (476 AD)
  • Year 2: The Medieval World to the Age of Exploration (500-1650)
  • Year 3: Colonial America to Reconstruction (1600-1877)
  • Year 4: The Gilded Age to the Present (1877-Present)

We are in the third year of the history cycle for the 2017-2018 school year.

What are the course prices?
The registration fees are listed on the registration page and course prices are listed on the individual course description pages.
Could you tell me how much math I need to take Physics?
For Physics, students should be expected to have completed Algebra and have a basic knowledge of sine, cosine and tangent. Most students probably will feel confident in the algebra but not as familiar with the trigonometry part of the math. I’ve included below some links that will be great refreshers and/or learning tools that allow you to prepare over the summer. Also, I do plan on doing a lot of guiding through the problems and explaining the math in class. Usually, the problems are very similar and so once you get the feel for the problems it builds and gets easier as you go (unlike it is in Chemistry). Note that there is a sample of the textbook at the Apologia website which may be helpful as well. Here is a link to a great physics website that allows you to view problems: physicsclassroom.com
For math help: mathisfun.commathwarehouse.com