When it comes to finding a homeschool group or co-op, one of the biggest challenges besides finding a group that meets your needs is travel distance. How far should you travel on a weekly basis to go to your homeschool group?

The staff here at Cornerstone Educational Community in Franconia, PA recommend traveling no further than 30 minutes on a weekly basis for your classes. The data we have here shows it, too. Most CEC families are within a 25 minute travel time, although we have families coming from an hour away. It is worth noting that a long commute can be a major hassle when faced with inclement weather on class days.

Location of families

Some of our more popular cities include Harleysville, Souderton, Quakertown, Perkasie, Telford, and Green Lane — all within Pennsylvania. Being closer to the class location not only allows for more productive days, but it allows students to get some much-needed rest before early morning classes begin.

In the case of drop-off programs such as CEC, a shorter commute is important because parents will go back home to be with their younger siblings or those not enrolled in the program. Now, if you send your children to CEC for an entire day worth of classes, a longer distance is more feasible. CEC is a drop-off program only, but if you have a long commute to classes then don’t worry! There are lots of nearby restaurants and places where you can hang out with younger siblings. These locations include the Indian Valley Public Library, Mr. B’s at Calvary Church of Souderton, Walmart, Giant, Franconia Café, Franconia Heritage Restaurant, and Henning’s. All these locations are within a few miles of our building.

If you have any concerns or questions about Cornerstone Educational Community, give us a call at 267-820-8232. We’re happy to help you in making the right decision concerning your child’s education.