Homeschooling is ideal for Christian families looking to ensure those ideals are part of their children’s education. As we talked about in our last blog post, sometimes that comes with its own challenges though.

But with our online homework class structure, students can get the support they need in the independence Central to this style of Education. And, as is important to a lot of folks in the Franconia area, our classes are taught by qualified Christian teachers.

These Online-Friendly Courses Provide Guidance For Homeschoolers

For specific courses in which your child could use extra guidance, our course environment allows for an easy drop off situation while you go about your day. Students can obtain and submit their homework online, and can communicate regularly with their teachers via email with questions or for feedback.

This can be a bit of a transition if you are used to the traditional home schooled approach, so we invite you to stop by and observe a lesson to help you determine if our programs would be right for your family. Contact Doreen for more information if you would like to do that.

We believe our program offers an excellent balance between the independence of homeschool learning and the support kids need to thrive. By being able to reach their teachers through email and submit coursework online, it makes it easier if your family is traveling, or if there is inclement weather.

This also serves as a valuable socializing experience for students who otherwise might not have a lot of interaction with other kids during their typical week of learning. Your kids will be in good company, as Franconia and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania are actually pretty prevalent for this style of Education.

We invite you to give us a call to learn more information about how Cornerstone Educational Community can enrich your family’s learning. We will go over our course offerings and answer questions that you may have related to your child’s particular interests and skills.